Itching for a new home remodeling project? We don’t blame you. Spending the cold, Indianapolis winter months cooped up inside can lead to the realization that your home could use some work. When considering a remodel, it’s wise to check out some of the latest trends. Here are some trends you can expect to see in 2022 from your friends at Booher Remodeling Company.

Home Remodeling Ideas for 2022

Home Office Enhancements

As we are all aware, home offices became much more useful over the past two years and will likely remain that way. Many people continue to work from home full-time or at least part-time. When improving your office space, consider a new desk, built-in bookshelves, or space-saving furniture. The beauty of a home office versus a corporate office space is that you can truly make it your own. If you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time in there, you’ll want to design it in a way that is comfortable, practical, and inspirational.

Green Living

There is a double meaning along with this trend. First, many people are purchasing new appliances for their kitchen remodels and laundry room updates to help efficiency and lower costs. Utilizing reclaimed or “upcycled” items is great for the environment. Secondly, the color green. That’s right. Green appears to be growing in popularity in 2022. Most likely for the creative and calming nature of the color.

The Great Outdoors

No, we don’t mean selling your home and moving your family into an RV. While that could be fun, we’re actually aiming for your backyard. Again, after spending months inside avoiding the cold, we want to soak up as much sunshine as we can. Adding a deck, fire pit, or outdoor eating space is a wonderful way to take your yard up a notch.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in this post for your next home project. For help with a larger project, like a full bathroom remodel, call the team at Booher Remodeling Company today at (317) 852-5546 or schedule a virtual consultation.