Warmer spring weather gives us all the itch to make improvements around the house. If you’re like us, you may not be satisfied with the basic spring cleaning and outdoor landscaping. You may be ready to make a summer home remodeling to-do list. If you’re in the mood to do some home improvements but aren’t sure where to start, consider these tips from Booher Remodeling Company of Indianapolis.

1. Get it down on paper.

First things first, sit down and list all the improvements you want to do to your home. You may or may not be able to do them all this summer, but you need a place to start. Maybe take a walk through your home, and decide whether bathroom remodeling or a finished basement should be on your list. List all things—big and small.

2. Look at your summer calendar.

You want to be realistic with your time. Don’t plan a giant kitchen-remodeling project if you’re going to be gone most of the summer due to vacation, your cousin’s wedding, or that yearly trip to the East Coast. Your time won’t dictate whether you do those home improvements, but your schedule definitely influences when they happen.

3. Set a home improvement budget.

How much do you want to spend on home remodeling this year? Your budget can help you decide which projects to focus on or save up for. If you need some help determining whether kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling is within your financial reach, be sure to gather a quote from local contractors, like Booher Remodeling Company.

4. Separate the DIY from the contractor work.

You may plan to do some home projects on your own, while others you will want the help of a general contractor. Looking at your list, be sure to note which projects you are skilled enough to complete and which ones need a home improvement professional.

5. Prioritize your list.

Number the items on your to-do list in the order in which you want to complete them. That way, you can begin to pencil those projects in to your calendar. If you’re less of a planner, you can also use that list when you find some time and want to tackle your next improvement. To help you in your home remodeling plans, contact Booher Remodeling Company at (317) 852-5546. Our design team can help you put your goals into actual plans and work through all the details. From kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling to basement finishing, we are ready to help you with your summer to-do list.